Curiosity Killed the Cholesterol Cat!

Triglycerides tend to get forgotten in discussions about cholesterol. They will be mentioned briefly and then the focus is just on cholesterol. With so much new information about cholesterol to take in, it’s not surprising that we can forget to clarify what triglycerides are.

Well they are linked to good health and to cholesterol but are worth a discussion all to themselves, although of course cholesterol will also be a key topic. Like cholesterol, triglycerides are associated with saturated fat as well as trans fats. So you need to watch how much you diet contains as it can lead to bad health if too many are consumed, including heart attack and stroke as well as other diseases associated with poor circulation. However, they are also needed for the day-to-day functioning of our bodies, such as energy, and should not be feared, just understood

This website will explore triglycerides and cholesterol, hopefully shedding some light on each and their association both within our bodies and the health profession.